Rick Grant

Rick Grant is the founder and current president of Jim Thorpe, Pa.-based RGA Public Relations, Inc. (RGA), the company he founded as Rick Grant & Associates in early 2007 to provide businesses with customized strategic communications solutions. He brings to the company nearly 30 years of experienced as a journalist with expertise in the financial services industry, engineering and emerging media technologies. As president, Grant is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and continuous client expansion.

Prior to launching RGA, Grant founded Jim Thorpe, Penn.-based Texell Interactive Media, a production company delivering electronic audio and video content for Web-based marketing. In his role as president and CEO, Grant designed, wrote and produced Internet marketing collateral (podcasts, blogs, webinars, etc.) for more than 20 clients. He later sold the company to a Chicago-based marketing firm.

Before following his entrepreneurial interests, Grant spent more than a decade as one of the nation’s leading financial services industry-focused journalists. His articles have been featured in national newspapers, magazines and online publications and he is recognized as one the first bloggers in the financial services industry. Grant is frequently featured in the financial industry’s top publications as a contributing writer and is often asked to share his expertise by speaking at national conferences and hosting seminars.

He most recently served as editor of Real Estate Technology Insight (RETI). Prior to his work at RETI, Grant was an editor for SourceMedia publications (formerly Thomson Media). During his time there, Grant served as managing editor for Origination News magazine, Broker magazine, Mortgage Technology magazine, and the HomeEquityWire electronic newsletter. He served as special reports editor for National Mortgage News and designed the curricula for industry conferences. Later, he served as a featured columnist for HousingWire and today is a blogger on real estate firm Zillow's consumer-facing blog.

Grant got his first taste of Web-based “new media” when he was hired by, a website owned by CBS Broadcasting and Winstar Corp., to serve as online producer for the online business portal’s Real Estate and Engineering industry verticals. Today, his firm offers many forms of online media, including podcasts, online video, webinars and Goggle Hangouts.

Grant has been an audio/video producer for many years. He has produced video programming for a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) affiliate in Springfield, Missouri, and hosted a live radio show for a number of years. Additionally, Grant was a crew member for several film projects, most notably in 1999 as Line Producer for Empty Places, an independent short film produced in New York City. Grant lives in Jim Thorpe, Penn. with his wife Lysa, a recording engineer and voice over artist who lends her craft to many of RGA’s podcasting projects. They have three children.

Rick Grant has worked as a strategic and media communications consultant as well as a broadcast journalist in the Circumpolar Arctic, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, East Timor, Albania/Kosovo, Indonesia, and the former Yugoslavia as well as many other world trouble spots. He has worked extensively with Aboriginal groups and governments in Canada and elsewhere.

He has also worked for the United Nations, CARE, NATO. and other humanitarian organizations to provide communications services and advice in war zones and humanitarian crisis areas. Other major clients include international energy companies involved in Alberta’s oils sands and continental pipelines. He has considerable experience with the international offshore drilling industry.



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