Dr. LaChrystal Ricke

Dr. LaChrystal Ricke is a professor of Mass Communication at Sam Houston State University in Texas. She researches the intersection of Web 2.0 technologies and social engagement; her specific focus is user-generated web spaces and increasing democratic engagement and deliberative interactions.

Her work has been published in the book Politics & Popular Culture, the Journal of Information Technology, and Politics, the Journal of Mass Communication Research, the Communication Studies journal. She has forthcoming publications in the Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics (2013), a book chapter in Presidential Campaigning and Social Media: An Analysis of the 2012 Election (2014) and a forthcoming book on YouTube and Its Political Impact (2014), published by Lexington Press.

She also founded and directs the non-profit organization, Reggie’s Friends, dedicated to fundraising efforts for animal welfare organizations.

Ph.D., 2008, University of Kansas


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