Tim Saiza

While growing up in Los Angeles, California, Tim Saiza was exposed to a melting pot of cultures and musical styles. Borrowing from his father’s jazz collection and his mother’s motown and 70s vinyls, Tim was fascinated with music as early as 4 years old.

Adding to his fascination with music,Tim began noticing songs from his parent’s collection sampled on the tracks that premiered on Yo MTV Raps as Hip-Hop became a popular genre in the 80s. Proving to have an eclectic taste in music, by age 12 he had learned how to DJ as well as play percussion, baritone, trombone, tuba, and trumpet.

After moving to San Antonio at age 14, Tim began DJ’ing at local venues with a business of other DJ’s and promoters. Gaining a reputation as a successful DJ and businessman, Tim began running in circles with prominent artists such as Selina.

As technology moved forward, Tim began creating instrumentals on computer using the earliest versions of DAW programs such as Cubase. After building a proper studio and studying the mechanics of music production, Tim worked as a freelance mix engineer for several years before launching Saiza Inc Records in 2007.

Today, Saiza Inc Records enjoys moderate success as a label and sponsors four artists who tour on a regular basis.



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